Well, actually it isnt, but it was a good title..

Whazzup then? Well, I thought I’d say some stuff about the last week.. very surreal it’s been.. I got something in the mail, thought I recognised the handwriting.. Woah! It’s my A Level exam certificate! ROFL.. Brings back memories.. Anyway, thats one of the things that got me thinking about my journal, which in turn got me thinking about how my old one was decrepit, and LS isnt reaaally for me to moan on so much..

And so this was born.. I found the elfwood LiveJournal and was impressed.. Wanted to experiment with it.. didnt realise it’d be this nice!!

Anyway, other than that, had some weird social stuff in the last week too.. Messed up another relationship.. Messed it up ‘on purpose’ for the ‘greater good’.. How joyously stupid I feel at times.. Oh well.. Cant be helped.