Well it was the last Star before it closes, and made a last minute decision to go as some friends were going… Had a bit of a weird time really.. Especially the first couple of hours, wasnt really enjoying it..

DID get to number 2 (again!) on puzzle bobble and was within reaching distance of the no1 spot.. Also, met someone who might be working on an online project I’m also working on.. Who I’d not met properly before.. Always good to put a face to someone. Oh, and I managed to confirm a couple of people for the party.

Too much of a zombie to dance effectively or much at all, and after a while just wasnt in the mood.. The place was boiling and packed.. Ick.. My mood was suddenly improved by some girl I barely know talking to me. I hate the way my brain works sometimes.

This party is gonna be weird. Hmm.. Oh well.. Wish it luck.

I’m glad I didnt wear myself out.. I gotta impress all with my mad DDR skillz.