I wasnt meaning today!! Jeez!

Well must learn not to have good feelings about nights.. hehe.. I’m hyper again.. had a weird as hell night.. not a great one.. not a bad one either.. Well sorta bad maybe but when I got home I burst into laughter so it cant have been that bad..

Things people I dont know have said to me tonight:
‘Hi – I thought we should say hi.. You’re everywhere we go..! *pauses* Like God! Like A God…’, ‘You look like the black haired guy in Def Leopard’ (that wasnt an insult) ‘Ahh.. Its the Count..’ (nor was that), ‘You Michael Jackson wannabe!’ (that was), ‘Oooh! It’s the crow!’ (so was that) .. roflol.

Anyway, Star was okie.. They played nuff ravey stuff in the big room (all in a row! So I couldnt leave the dance floor and exausted myself), and a Pearl Jam song (people applauded the DJ for that, lol).. I danced probably way too much.. But happy because I seem to have remembered HOW to do so.. Which is quite important!

After star was weirder though.. I was with ppl to begin with, but they left, so was sat on grass by myself.. Townie guy from behind crouches down puts arm around me, says some shit, realises I’m a guy.. Asked if I know Danni.. left for a moment.. Came back with uber townie friend and his GF.. Uber townie asks if I do prostitution and says his friend likes me.. His friend tells me he’s going to arse rape me and take me to the police station (i dont understand the logic of that, lol), and asked how much change he’d have.. Says I have to keep a stick in my mouth.. *holds up stick* I say no he wont, and no.. balances stick on my head.. I tilt head, it falls off.. He asks ‘is that a wig’ I laugh and say no.. They walk away slightly talking to each other/me, lesser townie asks if I suck cock.. ‘no’… him: ‘I think you should’.. me: ‘And I think you should fuck off’.. Uber townie turns round.. ‘What did you say?!’ (excited looking gf says something to him) ‘Dont tell me to fuck off!!’ (makes threatening stance, lets go of gf) me: ‘Why not?’ him: “I’ll fucking have you” me: ‘there’s a lot of people here..’ (they talk among themselves, insulting me) me: “MMMM..” lesser townie: “What did YOU SAY?!” me: “I said ‘Mmmm!'” lesser townie: “You suck cock?” me: “No..” Uber Townie “Dont talk to me.. you… *thinks* Michael Jackson wannabe.” me: *smiles* (they begin to walk away) me: woo! (they look back, I make spooky wibbly finger movements at them) They’re about 10 meters away, keep looking, mixture of stoney glances and laughing to each other.. I smile back.. The 2 guys, leaving the girl, begin to slowly approach again, looking all manly-serious.. I get up and walk a few paces so I’m in front of the remaining star leavers rather than 3 meters behind.. And lo and behold they walk back to the girl.. Hmmm.. They then crowd and pester a girl I know, but I sit by people (she was by someone too so I didnt forsee trouble) so they dont hassle me anymore.. Was v tempted to go ‘back her up’ but realised that’d be possibly the dumbest thing I could do.. Eventually they got bored of her and walked to where I’d been sitting on the grass.. I speak to the girl; they were hassling her but she was too drunk to care much, and they werent being GRR at her anyway.. I decide to get a taxi asap because I’m usually the last person sat outside star, with that girl, and the taxis dry up, and the townies were showing no sign of wanting to go away 1st.. Got in taxi.. Was a relief, lol.

And the lesson I should probably learn from this is dont retaliate verbally, especially if you are sober and they arent.. Also. probably best not to offend people you always see waiting outside Star afterward when you know that you’re likely to be going there a lot by yourself.. Oops.. Anyway.. It was v funny afterward.. got a bit of a rush from that.. Sorry.. went into too much detail.. Wanted to document it for myself to look back at later more than anything.. time has a habit of hazing things.. And interesting things like this arent all that often..

Well they are, but I cant bring myself to write about most of the weird stuff in detail.. Blah blah.. Hehe.. Michael Jackson.. Hehe.. Hehehehe.. Funny.. 🙂

Seeya around. ^_^