I’m not getting that ticket today (largely coz I woke up at 3pm, not clever) I’ll try and get a lift into town early tommorow.. Feel refreshed.. Feeling a whole lot better having got some stuff out of my system last night.. I have quite a fixed path ahead of me and shouldnt get so spooked out..

Oh! Typical though.. Get my hospital appointment in the post.. And guess when? Friday 24th August..! I dont think so..! Same time as leeds fest.. I dont think I’m going to hospital examination in uber-goth garb + ridiculous makeup, thankyou.. So.. No.. Got another appointment a few weeks later..

Right.. Today I have to do some voice acting for a friend.. try to fix someone’s monitor and computer, do some webstuff.. and umm.. I dunno really.. do some graphics.. 🙂

Right.. tried to fix that monitor.. Some chance.. Lol.. completely given up the ghost.. considering it’s 10 yrs old that doesnt surprise me all that much. Haha.. This reminds me why the Amiga was so damned great.. UGH.. old PCs are fecking HORRID.. The computer is perfectly healthy, but old to the extent that its pretty damned useless.. Well, makes my job easy. ^_^ Dunno what advise to offer her now tho.. Ditch the PC.. 🙂 1992 PC.. 386sx.. 1992 Amiga.. A500+/A2000? shit, I know which I’d rather have.. hehehehe..

Onto the next thing.. Voice overs.. will post again tonight.. tekkare.