Had to let the builder in again.. Yup yup.. At least he’s nearly finished. 🙂 Another odd thing I found out yesterday though.. He has crohns too! As does his sister.. It’s really strange talking to someone who understands even just the basics of the illness.. So, yeah that was good.. Nice to see someone holding a job with it too, but it does mean he has to be pretty unreliable.. Hmm.. being self employed might be the only way in the long run for me, I hope concentrating on computy stuff pays off..

Anyway.. Crohns.. Yeah.. I’ll give you a little update about that.. Bad and frequent stomach aches, especially at night.. losing small amounts of blood.. Oddly enough, was very low on energy, but over the last week, after depriving myself of sleep, I seem to be gaining it rapidly.. I dont know how that works exactly, but I’m not going to knock it..

Should be going to Star tonight.. Alternative clubby thing on Friday nights, generally infested with underage ppl and funny pretentious young uns and korn-kids.. Awww.. But it’s a great opportunity to burn some money trying to beat whichever git got the high score on the Puzzle Bobble arcade machine.. Yup.. other ppl drink for enjoyment – I make dragons fire bubbles at each other while living off cherry Tango.. Figures. 🙂

Hmm.. But what should I wear?! lol.. I hate thinking I need more clothes when I quite evidently don’t.. Uugh.. I still don’t have a Leeds ticket yet.. AND I’m in debt.. After I have one I’ll be 100% responsible for my own finances etc.. But.. Damnit.. Reading tickets have sold out and I might not be able to get the money for another couple of weeks..

Thinking about it tho.. Why am I getting so panicky? It’s only sodding leeds festival, and does happen every year after all.. I’m more concerned about seeing people before they move off to uni than I am seeing the music, and camping could be hellish with crohns anyway.. So maybe I do wait 2 weeks and see if they sell out… If they have, I’ll take that as a sign it wasn’t meant to be.. I can certainly put