Well.. I dont know.. I did eventually get that leeds ticket.. *strokes credit card* No.. Stop that..! The… Power!!!

Umm.. Went to raw nerve metal night thing.. Which went a bit wrong, but still had a good time.. Some big sweaty metaller was dissing my dancey to nu-metalness.. If I was a more violent person, i would’ve been violent.. It’s a good job I’m not really, because he would’ve squished me (ooh ooh, but I could out-dodge him anyday).. Hmm..

I’m in a silly mood.. Can’t you tell? Am a bit hyper really, which is quite stupid for 4am.. shouldnt be hyper, should be TIRED.. stupid body..

Oh yes.. stupid body indeed.. little crohns sub-report.. sudden painful fissures reoccurance, bloodloss.. Ow.. Etc.. Lovely.. Just what I needed.. just in time to get really bad in time for festival style camping.. Damnit..

Have realised that if this journal’s going to work for me then I’m going to have to start being a lot more open and descriptive, and a lot less abstract.. I’m too secretive by nature.. I think I’ve got more open recently.. Voicing my opinion more, especially on the net.. It passes the time, gets out some frustration, and hopefully achieves something at the same time.. Have recently been annoyed by a leeds ‘goth’ page, and the related pages set up by a whole little clique of people.. Must remind myself.. they’re only young.. Jeez that makes me feel old though..! When I was young I still made good webpages.. (huh!!!) So thats no excuse. LOL.. Yeah.. I rule.. I never get anything wrong. Everyone must bow before me! Huzzah!

Sarcasm sucks.