These daily horoscopes are a constant source of amusement..

“You could go to the gym and get all pumped up. Then you will want to go out on the town and show off those muscles! Or if you’re a good dancer, you could wow people on the dance floor. Get out there and boogie!”

Guess I’m off to the gym then. 😉

ARRGH the plot thickens.. I think I have the majority of the loan/disability stuff sorted out.. Then… blammo.. The access center that has to do my accessment of needs is booked up til october.. So they’ve given me the number for the sheffield branch.. Which i cant just ring because I have to think about the practicalities of getting there 1st.. As much as it makes me feel stupid; as I should be able to sort this stuff out myself. (getting a bit old to call in parents, lol) I think I’m gonna have to get Jan onto this.. I’m nooowhere near assertive enough, and she’s been through much worse than this with Dave’s claims, so it might not be too problematic..

Now I have to ring or email the college, probably email, so they know what’s going on.. Blehhh!! fun fun.. fun..