I wrote a really quite bitchy journal entry this morning after going to the wendy house..

After waking up at 1pm on the 12th I’ve decided to nuke it. If anyone wants the full version, I kept it.. It was helpful to vent, but I didnt want it so out in the open. (jade? you’re prolly the only person whos gonna read this anyway, hehe)

To summarize tho.. The night was good.. Rosie and Co. didnt turn up, but met nice new people, and very nice new person. Spent ages talking, was good. Albeit surreal.. I wouldnt of had the nerve to talk to said person normally, I’m such a wuss.. Hurrah for introductions. 🙂

Other than that had a run in with someone from my recent past, who’s name I wont mention. She was drunk, but she was also being highly irrational and, frankly, quite horrid. I’m not that good at confrontational, especially publically, heh, I was shaking and stuff.. so I left.. Which was good timing in some ways anyway.

But yeah, came home and was very ‘Grrr’ about part of the night but 5 mins of argument couldnt change the mood of an otherwise really good time. I’m glad I went.. But, jeezus.. Think I’ll go to oblivion next W/E.. ^_^ Yay.. AGES since I’ve been to Oblivion.. Hoping it’s still my favourite clubish place..

Blah blah! ^_^