The plot thickens (referring to the whole world death war arrgh! issue) I don’t quite understand what the taliban are trying to do.. (!) I don’t like some stuff about their culture & human rights, nor their hatred of things different.. Ahh, a conundrum? Maybe.. They’ve systematically destroyed some of the worlds most important archealogical and historical monuments because they were religious and not islamic.. They’re anti most things it would seem.. Hmm..

Anti is annoying. People should communicate more and kill less, through communication ‘old world’ prejudice and closed mindedness could be largely avoided. The west should not attack a country already in a huge mess.. Bleh. But.. If the population of afganistan can rebel against the taliban, then that’d be okie, providing they liberate not just take power. Which seems likely.

Thats a ponderous boring mess.. what i was thinking..

Fixed Jenny’s computer.. Works well now. In fact it works better than mine, heh..

Ahh, college is going well too.. not exactly feeling over-worked yet though. 😉

Long time no entry.. Hope everyone’s well.