Today’s been weird..

Hey, long time no journal entry thing.. Hello journal! A lot’s been happening, sortof..

College is going great, the work is interesting and relevent and I’m learning a lot.. I’m having some problems with attendence, but.. It’s okie.. I’m happy.. Last couple of days I found out both my father and GF are having big life improvements too, so all in all, much happiness.. (one seems to have bought a newsagents while the other is quitting college, heh)

I want to create lots of stuff but I don’t know what to do 1st. I’ve added pretty much the finishing touches to the first issue of LEEDSukS, kinda.. Even if it doesnt take off much then the 1st issue is pretty fun so I’m ok with it.. Will need a lot of help tho, myah..

Been rearranging my room today.. This room is a bit of a mess, I havent a clue how I’m gonna get another machine in here too.. Bleh.. Well, I have, but I dunno if it’ll work. Blah..

Wanting to start new projects.. My horoscope says I should too..(hmm) Been thinking lots and stuff.. Errr.. Had hospital CT scan today.. injected with and drunk lots of dye.. K came with me and it wasn’t so bad, I was worried it’d be a nastier test.. I’m worrying about weird stuff recently, I’m good at worrying. I’m happy tho.. v v happy.. :}