WHY am I being such a ridiculously worried eejot atm?

To cut things short, things are perfect at the moment. I’m so happy it defies belief.. I’m having trouble adjusting to that. Part of me’s looking for things to worry about. There seems to have to be a kind of balance. Lexima seems to enjoy punishing me for being happy.. (there’s really little to worry about – am I worrying about the past? I think so.. If so, why? It’s gone..) Time is going to make this better though, and time is something I seem to have a lot of.. ^_^

*sighs* – I wasn’t expecting this.. >o_#< The little things, everything that's happened in the past months, to more people than just me, it's like there's some sort of plan, the things that have happened to get here.. The ways in which I've changed while walking that path - It all makes now so right.. Everything makes sense now. I’ve never had so few problems with myself, and I’ve never had so few problems with my life.. I’m scared of having to go back… To say my life was bad before would be a lie, but there were gaping holes – I know I’m a priveledged person, but sometimes things have been difficult.. I’m a very needy person, but im in position now where I have all the things I need.. Yes, I still worry a lot, but however crap I feel I only need to think of one thing and I cant feel bad. That’s an amazing gift.. I’m so lucky.

So lucky.