Stuff.. Isss.. going.. welll..


So.. Pretty boring to everyone i expect.. I’ve spent a lot of money on clothes in london.. oops.. had a lovely time down there with Bat pie, and got to know her family better, which ist goot..

Meep, everyone and everything is being so nice to me atm! Jan and tom bought me a PS2 and Bat pie got me a Dreamcast for my Bday!! Waargh! I’ve gone from being mr pooey PS1 to being the console king again in a space of a week or so. 🙂

And I have a mac coming soon too.. 733mhz G4 128mb yada yada.. EEEK!!! Kickass!!

And even better.. Bat Pie starts moving in tommorow!!

And I’m prolly gonna have broadband inet access by xmas.. myhehehe..

lalala!! My life rules..