*everyone faints* – since I stopped my crohns diary I havent really been keeping this one up to date have I? well here goes..

College is going well.. the work anyway, my attendance is bad.. I’ve had recent tests (barium meal and CT scan) – I have active and quite extensive inflamation in at least one area of my bowel.. Am on 20mg of steroids a day, posibly to be increased as their effect seems to be wearing off..

I need to redo my online portfolio completely.. and have 2 breifs to finish this for this coming week..

Sorry I havent been in touch with people much.. thats not isolated to online people, I’m just being reallly slow at the moment..

I do reply to emails (slowly) but I’m not in the world of IM much these days – feel free to contact/chat with me on LEEDSukS, the only place I can guarentee a quick reply..

Oh, and Kuri Kuri Mix on the PS2 is brilliant.. Thought I’d get that in. ๐Ÿ™‚