Well, how about that!

Fist of all.. Thought I’d moan about the most annoying headache i’ve had in a while, it doesnt wanna go away, and i think its prolly because i havent been taking my medicine right.. looking at the screen isnt helping, lying down seems to make it worse..

moan moan moan.


Next, I stop moaning.. This week kicks ass. Katherine and I got engaged at the weekend, I proposed in the yorkshire dales, on a country cottage weekend break thing i booked as an xmas present for her.. She said yes.. that was good. πŸ™‚ The cottage was lovely, and decorated just like how I would have done much of it too, which was funneee.. Very peaceful setting, no traffic.. a lot of nearby sheep.

Before that though I was having a couple of pretty difficult weeks, being ill, blowing up my computer etc.. Which was v stressful, especially when i took so long getting a stand-in up and running. Its no huge tragedy but it’s burnt a huge hole in my pocket.. Its a weird loss because I’d used it so much and set it up exactly how I’d liked it, i was quite attached.. oh well.. One of kat’s family cats died too, meh..

Anyway, the balls’s rolling again in the area of my creative abilty.. have got an ok machine now and can finally get some work done.. not anything heavy, have to wait for new hardware.. but could at least do some webstuff. Expect a lot of updates soon..

I have a hospital appointment tommorow, back with professor Axon.. Medical specialist.. this is when the new treatment’s likely to begin… Fingers crossed, but it could mean anything.. Steroids cut both ways and im scared of stopping them but will also be very relieved when i finally can..

I havent done an entry since a while before xmas?! Well, ok.. I had a week or so shortly before xmas when I was dreadful, depressed, mentally not myself, wasnt fun at all for me or kat, or anyone really.. At least i did my best not to hide it from those ppl it effected, but sorry to online ppl for not talking bout stuff much.. i wasnt feeling v communicative.. By the time xmas came it was settling down (meds and regaining sanity, heh) but Kat had glandular fever.. which I may or may not have had too, which would partly explain the feeling lame-o.. as well as over-drinking (another thing thats not very me, but i felt i had to, hmm) Anyway.. Kat got me a huge sword for xmas, among other things.. πŸ˜€ Its really big and shiney and really v silly (and sharp), I love it, hehe.. I’ll post a pic.

Expect website updates soon anyway, I’ve done a hell of a lot of comic of late..

Love mixel..