An entry, again.. I’ll summarise and go over some recent stuff, things in my mind, etc etc.. have had a very changable time recently but its kinda all balancing out..

I’m on LOADS of meds now, 18+ tablets, including 30mg of steroids, the highest dosage ive had, plus azathioprine, which will slowly disable my immune system temporarily (its supposed to) calcium tablets, pentasa, all sorts of stuff.. not good, not sure about what the effects will be, but I at least suspect I’ll have a shedload of energy for a while..

The parts of my PC should be arriving soon, hopefully this week.. My college mac should too, I really hope one of them does because its really weird not having a computer to set up and work with properly.. No graphics tablet.. ARRGH..

Then my digital camera explodes. πŸ™ well, deletion of pics on the compactflash card nukes the compactflash card and makes it unreadable.. No big problem you think.. compactflash is pretty cheap, and obviously i’d have copied off any important pics first.. WELL.. I WOULD have copied the pictures off but goddamnit, i have no fully operational computer, so it incinerated 100+ photos and things i did on the weekend away.. it wasnt the fact thatit was the weekend and I wanted it documented or anything that’s upsetting.. I remember it well enough, heh.. πŸ™‚ It isnt that I’ll miss the many photos I took of bemused looking sheep.. It’s the fact that I’d taken lots of photos of kat, and until now I’d had virtually none, and some of them were really nice and I wanted to work on them etc.. Oooh well I guess I have forever to take more..

Some friends of my parents had a meal at my mum’s last night.. We went round, was good seeing them (dave & sarah) hadnt spoken to them in a long time really, and they’d never really met kat.. God I’m rambling.. Jan (my mother) seems ok at the moment but is quite ill, depending on how you look at it.. She has osteoperosis, and occasional bone density tests for it.. (its a weakening of the bones present most in post-menosausal women, but males can get it too, especially if they’re on truckloads of steroids.. hmmm) Apparently she’s lost 17% bone density in TWO years.. Which my GP had thought impossible.. And that’s not a good sign at all.. So that’s something else to worry about..

I think my pills work.. I’m getting better control over my mind and it doesnt get caught in loops so much.. and the loops dont make me feel so angry/hurt/sick/whatever anymore so something’s good.. I am getting better at looking at the bright side of things.. Went out to Star/Electric Head on Friday night.. had a good time, made a bit of a fool of myself but in a comedy way and dont mind.. πŸ™‚ fell over at least once anyway, hehe.. was quite drunk..


I’m actually finding I /like/ double vodka cokes.. I mean.. ‘mmm.. vodka’ whereas before the thought of the taste=yuck. Man, Star sucks.. It sucks in a way that its pretty funny and kinda good.

Kat is at her parents’ house.. First time she’s seen them since we got engaged.. Heh.. I think they’re happy for us.. I’m a bit worried about what they might think, I dunno.. Who knows.. I know my family loves kat muchly, and jan is certainly super-happy for us.. In the end we had to get the ring re-sized, but it worked and now it’s just right and I am glad i trusted instinct.. My pocket is getting increasingly less glad about me following instinct though, lol.. in the past week or so I’ve spent well over