Well.. I think I’ll write another entry..

I’m feeling rather odd at the moment.. mixture of tired, headachey and just downright weird.. I have a lot of work to do and want to tidy up.. i probably wont tidy up though.. πŸ™‚ I’m very good at not tidying up.

Health’s *ok* i spose.. Had an interesting episode yesterday when my legs stopped working.. heh.. Well they hurt lots for a while.. then they stopped.. I’m more worried about my mental health though.. I’ve got myself into a not-going-out and finding it difficult to do anything situation..

Kat’s in york for some sort of ex-schoolish people partyish thing.. I was gonna go but woke up at 4pm.. half of me was looking forward to going, half of me was scared of the thought of being at place full of people i dunno and having nothing to say to them.. then a part of me said make sure kat goes because she needs to do stuff too, and another part said ‘argh you know what you’re going to be like when she does tho’.. then I decided to go.. Then I didnt go. πŸ™‚

Then I missed a phonecall from her tonight and was/am too scared to call back. (dont ask) And why am I writing about this stuff here? because I need to vent and I’m craaazeee.. I know its stupid to worry about her being in another place, and dumb to be insecure.. I dont even know if I am.. Yes I am, lol.. Oh well. I tried to sleep but was woken up by a couple of stupid dreams.. Annnyways.. Kat’ll be back tommorow and hmm.. I really SHOULD tidy and do some of the things I keep putting off.

yep. then sleep.