I’ve been meaning to do an update in a long time.. Anyway, here it is..

I had a wonderful time in venice, it was really relaxing and we did all the things you should there, I think.. Very pretty place.. Looks just like parts of Planet Naboo (hmm).. Anyway, a picture tells a thousand words, or something.. Sooo.. visit the photo section.

That’s the photo section of the nearly 100% operational mixelmagic page. Please come give feedback and stuff if you could.. post in the forums? 🙂

Blah.. Enough spam. How am I? I dunno.. College starts on monday again, and im feeling a bit weird about it.. Been feeling a bit (?) cacky since we got back from venice.. More of mind than body. More about that soon, I suspect.

Ooh, and congrats to newdoll for music related stuff. ^^

Anywaay, I should do more work..