You’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve messed up the HTML on my friends page.. Well I haven’t (honest!).. it’s just if people post really long links.. like.. REALLY long links then it buggers it. >.< doesnt seem to be anything I can do about it, save using a different layout.. And I like this one coz its all mixelmagicky! soo.. On with the show. 🙂 bat_pie has her interview for university today.. good luck to her, love you tonnes.. ^^

This LJ client was playing up last night, I think it’s fixed now.. What am I gonna talk about then? My Elfwood ticket’s only got a few hundred to go then i get an update.. Then I can upload the stuff i actually meant to include with this update, doh.

A couple of weeks ago my mobile phone called my land phone, by itself.. Now thats weird. Nobody was near it and ive not called that number with it before.. Did I write about that already? I can’t remember..

I’ve got a lot of college work to do.. I have a new brief, and its very cool.. Involves recreating a toy in Cinema4D and animating it etc.. I’m going to try making devil-bunny, but he’s not exactly simple, so we’ll see..

All this messing around with portfolios got me looking through my old work for salvageable material.. On my old Amiga I found a lot of stuff, among it prep work for a painting i did for A-levels then destroyed a couple of months later when my art was just reminding me how much i hated how my life was going.. Anyway, the final painting was only about 3/4ths finished. I thought I’d use the prep work and finish the piece in my more recent style using photo manip and wacom etc..


It’s an important picture to me because it’s in the same vein as ‘Inhuman’ etc, inspired by a personal experience and was good therapy at the time of the painting.. Coming back to it now’s been odd.. But it makes me realize how much better things got, progressively.. Anyway, there might be mention of this in my old journal – it was the worst crohns day I’ve had, for a few reasons.

And yeah that’s a hell of a conveniently placed black squiggly thing. 😛 That wasn’t on the original, but it being photo-manip I’m censoring it in the name of decency and err, privacy. H3he..

Sending nice mixel-magic to kat at her interview.. Ommmmmm..