There are some feelings I miss, but are they worth risking happiness?

First proper LJ in a while.

One thing I’ve done a hell of a lot of recently: Sleep. Far too much probably. I’ve been getting work done too, but I have been sleeping too much.. I’ve had some vivid dreams though, and I’d like to jot some of them down here as a reminder.

A few days ago we (Kat, Rosie and I) went to see an exhibition down in london, of plastinated corpses. There was a lot of dead stuff. Disected corpses posed like sculptures.. It was really good.. But I found the little sub-sections more interesting.. Preserved organs and tissue, embryos etc. Anyway.. the night after that:

Bathing the baby (this is the one that inspired me to write his stuff down)

Kat had a baby, but it’s tiny.. like one of the little specimens from the exhibition.. about the size of my hand.. big head, weird eyes.. for some reason i had to bath it in a little glass box of water.. which was difficult.. at one point it slips, falls, hits the back of its head on the floor of the box and makes a strange screamy noise.. i take it out, go to get help.. Wehn we ge back to it the baby’s kinda in a pool of blood, and half dissolves..


Last night .. Or was it the night before.. I had a dream about a lil black and white monkey.. trying to get into the house.. It finally managed, we all fell in love with it and wanted to keep it as a pet, so… we kept giving it meg’s dog treats to stop it from running away.. then we went to the seaside, and errr.. the monkey fell asleep and we thought it was dead, so I woke it up..

Teachers with cancer in cars

A couple of nights ago I had a dream where I saw my old art teacher driving along the road I live on, and he stopped, and we had quite a lengthy conversation.. in rl he has an inoperable brain tumour and apparently hasnt got that long to live.. I havent heard anything from, or about him for ages.. Ah well..

Being lost in a big creepy boat

I had another dream where I was lost in a big creepy boat.. No idea what that was about. the dream withthe baby in reminded me of a dream I had previously with a big mutant fish in a really small tank, and the lower half of a child running around, which was controlled by the fish, but i think i smashed the fish after it made knives fly at me, and the toddlers’ legs dissolved into nasty red stuff..

I’m sooo sane.

– fear the mixel-cam..

I’ll do a more serious update soon.. including such things as health, medicine, blah blah..