Goddamn girly quiz things. 🙂 I think im gonna make some of these, they’re funny. Why am I up so early? Who knows.

Hmm, watched Ring 2 last night.. Good, but nowhere near as good as the first.. I really liked the bits where they explained stuff from the 1st film, but it kinda seemed to lose direction half way.. Well, it found direction.. just a direction it didnt have to take IMO.. Although it does leave a v open end and makes it into a more continuable series.. Is there a third film? I could look that up. Oh well.

Photoshop 7 is absolutely wonderful, best software I’ve ever bought.. going to have a lot of fun with it. ^^ Im feeling kinda sick though.. 🙁 ho well.

You Are A Chemical!!
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Hmm, Type O- indeed. 😀