I think i finally, once and for all put an end to the bitchass pc problems.. *phew* Next to get a router. that’ll be fun. in fact.. Might order that now, lol.

Here’s a desktop background of the pic I drew, if you’re interested.. πŸ™‚ Kat got a deviantart gallery.. Am proud of her. ^^ I’ve joined and am wondering whether to use it much..
I sure as hell have a lot of stuff that cant go in loth, and wouldn’t really be at home in Zone either.. (devil bunnies?! Lots of abstracts that aren’t sci-fi OR fantasy) We’ll see..

The other plus is my writings would fit better in deviant – especially the undermind stuff. I’ll have to see.. So much to do so little time. I think i’m gonna make myself one of those lists again. πŸ™‚