Awake.. That just about sums it up yeah..

I got this in my daily horoscope today: (well, saturday)

“This is a good day to take realistic stock of your life, Michael. it’s
not always easy, for instance, to be honest with yourself about your
money situation. And yet, if you don’t stick to a realistic budget, your
finances can easily get out of control. Today you might need to balance
that checkbook and come up with a practical plan for how to use your
resources. You might need to curtail some extravagant spending.
Best wishes for today, from the Astrologers of”

Then I looked in my bank account.. Little more than £100 right now..

Then I bought one of these on Ebay:

For £150. Figures. goddamnit it’s cute anyway. 🙂 I am USELESS with money. 🙂

I’ve had a horrid headache on and off for ages, its cleared up over the last couple of days but i thought id best not risk going out tonight and making it worse.

Anyway, I have a week to finish my rabbit brief, which should be easy as 90% of it’s done already. I think im gonna go for overkill and do some crazy shit. (sorry, got bored of that sentance whilst writing it)

Anyway, I might try sleep again now, it being 5am and all. stupid messed up sleeping pattern/no sleep/constant sleep.. Meh.