I see that people failed to *draw stuff*


Ack, I think im gonna give up drinking.. or only drink vodka slushies and wine.. or something.. I had a headache when i tried to wakeup this morning, post-drink i always get kinda depressish.. i was tired as hell and had the weirdest drunk dreams.. (the sort of dreams i have after drinking) and they’re kinda more like halucinations, because they happen as soon as i shut my eyes, regardless of whether Im asleep or not, which is v disconcerting.. And then i’ve spent half the day (which i wasnt asleep) in the bathroom with previously completely fixed crohns symptoms.. AND I was an ass last night at the club anyway..

So all in all today has been a bit dumb.. I moved a bed upstairs into the computer room.. That was fun.. tidied up a bit.. did some more webstuff.. And now the weather’s really hot and humid and I can’t sleep. >.< Moan moan moan! apparently they're sending off that little green PC today though, so that's good. Good in a 'yay computer!' way.. not good in a 'oops, money go bye-bye' way.