Gah, i messed up last night. >.< Especially as it was kinda my idea to go to a club then, so i could give some stuff back to someone.. Anyway, to cut a longish story short, there were communications problems, i got all panicky, and didnt go, r&k were both expecting me, so that was v stupid of me, and argh. Etc. Kat does so much for me and sometimes i feel like i take that for granted. Or at least don't seem appreciative enough. On a positive note.. Well, no, not a positive note, but some sort of note.. 🙂 I'm half glad i didnt go because i had a pretty bad crohns related incident while i would have been there, and last time i was there, the soul male toilet at Bar Phono has no lock.. Which sucks. Anyway. Blah. I've finally setup Bat-Newt (what apple dubbed the laptop i Ebayed myself) to my liking. It's really cute. 🙂 It seems to be a 'he' and i seem to call him Newty, I dont exacty know why, hehe.. Kat got my an early anniversary present a few days ago.. And woooop, its lovely. 🙂 GameCube!! Soo, I used 'Super Monkey Balls' as a people-magnet to try and get everyone (or at least someone) to come to our friday night gathering. It worked! Andy (Pearljamboy), Fi, Jenny, Clare, Jo and Rosie came.. Which is more people than fit easily in our bedroom. 🙂 And there was much playing with monkeys' balls, and hedgehogs. I'm trying to get my head around super smash bros, but im not very good yet. Jigglypuff is unsurprisingly my favourite character. 😀 Here's the bat-newt in it's lensflare'd bat-pie backdrop glory, hehehe.. I hope she don't mind me posting it here.. It took an age to get right. ooh, and that little thing balancing on her skirt.. It's Neko! a little cat that runs around on the screen and scratches stuff and falls asleep. You can prod it with the pen. It was fluke that it fell asleep in a logical area of the screen.

I should try to sleep again probably.