Had a good day yesterday, really.. slept a lot.. headache comes and goes now.. Kat got me a cat suit, it fits well, me happy bout that.. ^^

We went to oblivion, and i had a mostly good time.. One guy tried to chat me up but i stopped him by telling him im not in fact a girl, and am not single anyway, lol.

I also misinterpretted kat & rosie laughing at something entirely not me as laughing at me. πŸ™‚ I wasnt drunk enough to not be v aware of how i was dancing, but was drunk enough to be more paranoid than normal, so when i get back i assume stupidly i was looking like a foo, and got a bit overly self consious and stupid moodish. Not clever. >.< Actually i think that might be slightly to do with me running out of some of my meds a few days back too, ive been feeling a bit off key mentally anyway. And the battle of Endor kicks my ass. Anyway yesh. I really MUST stop drinking. it makes my mind go funny, makes me dance worse, even if more frequently.. But most importantly it makes my crohns stuff go nuts.. >.< spent most of tonight since i got back in and out of the bathroom.. Not good. Ow. gonna get worse b4 it gets better too. >.< Drs appointment on monday anyway. goood. Mixelmagic Oekaki ROCKS though. Woooooooo! πŸ˜€