Umm, we got rats! here are some photos.


This is Fu. Isn’t he cute? ^^

This is Lestat. He’s not that brown, tis a dodgy photo.

Jess and a friend came round last week and played monkeyball and smash bros with us.. And last night I went to the wendy houuuse (which is getting much less like the wendy house and much more like star/oblivion) and snuck up on Kat and Rosie who didnt think I’d be there because i had a heaaadache. Yus i did. and i still do. >.< but it comes and goes and all's well really. Kat bought a load of wigs. They're cute. One of them makes her look like the AOL woman's evil sister. (the AOL woman's called Connie, i know, but nobody will know what im talking about if i say that.. In the US they have an AOL man anyway, not a scary woman with an epileptic see-through dress thing) i'm about to add 'finishing' touches to mixelmagic. Oekaki's still going strong. Yay! ooh and the rats. we introduced owens big rats to our baby rats and they all get along happily, so that's good. Yay. πŸ™‚ might make them easier to look after when tom and owen are on holiday. Yus. I think i'll try making musicky stuff soon as I have an urge to set up the evil amiga in the next couple of days.