Kat’s gone hoome so she can go to scotland and stuff, soo, im tidying a bit occasionally..

Adrians here right now.. he leaves in a week or summat, for america again.. hope he has a goot time.. it’s midday now, so hes gone back to York..

Fu with chocolate (struggling a lot more than it looks like)

Im not feeling uber-great right now..

Today it’s a year to the nearest saturday that I met kat.. Technically, we met on the 11th, which was a saturday last year – buut, it’s sunday thiis year, yus. Yay! ^^ Its become one of those things where you can’t really remember what things were like before it happened.. Or you can, kindof, But only in a wordish way and not a feelingish way. Umm. this paragraph makes no sense. 🙂

I got Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament to work natively in os X!

And I’ve got my first 2 babylon 5 DVDs.. Yus! In my opinion the best sci-fi series ever shown.. Nay, the best series.. Woo.. real character development and in depth long term story-lines! In October the 1st season’s coming out in a boxed set.. it’ll probably take up 6 discs (5 eps per disc) and cost around £70.. Buy it i will! Well.. I’ll get it one way or another at least. I cant afford to spend much for a few months, heheh. (i wooonder how that happened? stupid games! dont realise how much you’ve spent on them until you add up all the games youve got relatively recently.. doh! Saying that, I’ve got into them again, which is a good thing.. Too long have i been out of the loop)

Final Fantasy Tactics is being ported to the Gameboy Advance.. ! WOOOHOO!! AND they’re remaking FF7,8 and 9.. woooohooo.. Kat was going to start a game of 7.. I might say NOOOOO!!! Wait for the super-enhanced PS2 FF7 to come out and then it’ll be the best thing ever! (even more than it already is)

Stuff. One of those dumb entries written over time..