Rats… Must… Stop.. Eating.. Cables..

i had to tape up 6 wires of the inside of a PS2 mouse cable after fu (probably, at least) bit straight through it.. fortunatly it was owen’s mouse, not very useful, and umm.. i got it to work again.. Yay!

Leedsfest was fun, though i missed the third day due to feeling cackie.. I bought a big furry coat though.. 🙂 Yay, Guns n Roses were brilliant, hehe.. very odd seeing them though..

and umm err.. umm.. look at the main mixelmagic page for updates.. it might seem like ive been doing nothing of late, but i assure you that’s not trueee..

I finally.. i cant remember what i finally did actually, but something.. college again soon, aarrggghh!!