typos galore in that last entry, sorry. πŸ˜‰

watching trailers on quicktime.com (yay broadband, hehe) I didnt realise they were making a film of Red Dragon too.. I wonder if they’ll do a sequel to hannibal later.. Anyways..

The remakes of Ring are beginning to come out.. ‘the ring’ umm.. now it apparently has something visibly ringy in it.. and from the trailer (not something to go by really) it looks like itll prolly be complete and utter shite and to have missed the point COMPLETELY.. i’m kinda glad, to be honest.. And it might be a good film.. but if it was too much like the original it’d just seem like an inferior clone, been there done that, etc.. But now it looks like it’ll be something different, albeit.. nowhere near as good, or disturbing. (but, who knows?)

Bleh. Why do we need a remake? given the original’s cult following and critical acclaim.. Why on earth didnt they just dub it and give it a proper western cinema release? Not visual (in a mind-numb kinda way) enough? too eastern? Bah. There is a horse. There are maggots. there’s a lot of water. The water makes sense.. and the ring thing.. umm, the top of the well i guess. Damnit, I hope it’s good anyway, maybe twill get more ppl to watch the original. πŸ™‚ Sadako eeevil. Rofl. it has a funny webpage though, the designers obviously went a bit nuts with the conceptual stuff + se7en styleee bits. πŸ˜€

Disney seem to have realised that Miyazaki is much better at what they do than they are, so are giving Spirited Away a western release. heh. I’d rather have seen miramax or someone else doing it, like Mononoke was, but at least it’s something – should get more publicity this way.

I need to go see reign of fire when that’s out.. (is it already?) Because it looks utterly stupid in a fun way. big dragons.. tanks.. etc.. a bit like the godzilla ‘remake’ minus the blasphemy. πŸ˜€ (hopefully better though!) ooh, other stupid remakes that are in the works… the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.. WHYEEEE??!! It’s a classic because its different. They could never replicate it, grr. Oh well. πŸ™‚

Over the past few months Ive got myself into stupid debt. >.< fortunatly my first loan payment comes in soon.. Gonna have to not buy much for a long time.. or go out, or do anything, lol. BIG oops. Wouldnt be quite such a problem if i didnt have such an expensive shopping list in my head. >.< must.. not.. buy.. everything.. arrgh! ooh, they made a sequel to shanghai noon! weehee. πŸ™‚ that's cool at least. hmm. I think i'll stop writing this now, i should umm. do something.