Black sheep on friday night was cool.. got to talk to a lot of people i havent in ages, and people were friendly and I got very drunk indeeed. oops.

Woke up in the morning.. (well i think it was the morning) and thought id lost most of my jewellry id been wearing. i’d actually taken it off for some reason.. Didnt remember doing that, oh well..

The rats are well now, the antibiotics did the trick.. I have a cold again though *sobs*.. Kat’s first day at college went well.. She’s making weird installations or somethiing.. Sounds fun..

Sometime in the last week or so an Apple Store has appeared just over the road from college. Obviously there to TEMPT me when I’m already in the fiery pits of debt. Well.. I’ll show it. Must.. Not.. But.. osX.2 … waahh.. (a bit futile this, I know it’s going to beat me anyway)

Shiney computer-shop.. I havent had this much computer-spending-ability since the days of the amiga, when weird little ‘must have’ bits of hardware would come out and I’d buy them after saving for ages.. Extra serial port? WOW I need that!! £100 case to put my 5 year old motherboard in? Ooh! I need that! CD32.. I need that!! (?!) goddamit.. at least the mac stuff I guess IS useful.. Expensive though.

Oh well, once my computery-internetty empire of goodness has taken over the world it won’t be such a problem.. WHAhahahaha!!!

I think i have a hole in my tooth or something.. Im due a dentist appointment anyway, but GRRRR.. Great timing.. There goes even more imaginary money. 🙂