Owie.. I ache so much. XD Hmms..

I gotta few more thngs to setup on my page as always..

Waah (picking up this entry I forgot to post a few days ago..) An hour til I set off for college again..


I been feeling a bit lame-o.. oh wellls.. college should be pretty cool, they’ve updated most the hardware and software and stuff, and we’re doing some audio-visual-something-or-other module.. I’m going to try and do this year on speed and get all of the assignments done in half the given time.. To make up for last year where I spent 4x the given time on each. 😀 As my health’s generally better now, and I can do webstuff from college too now, there’s really no reason I can’t go in a lot now.. *touch wood*

Anyway.. still an hour or so before I have to set off.. hmm. given the amount of sketchbooks I bought, you’d think I’d have some completely blank ones..

BUt NoOOOoo! I’ll have to buy one from the library. 🙂