I am absolutely determined to keep this stupid plant alive.. its wont go moldy again damnit, hehe..

I’m half way through installing windows on my mac.. windows in a window.. or that’s the idea.. good for testing compatibility and doing certain stuff i guess.. although partly pointless and just a bit silly. 🙂 Oh well. I keep managing to confuse it, but it’ll be a fun gimmicky thing anyway.

WUauauauhhahhahahaa!! My new Camera present from kat arrived and it’s sooo damn good.. Thankyou (again) Katttt!!! It has nifty zoom lense and takes 2megapixel pictures.. that’s 1600xsomething, and really crisp.. Saves to Sony memory sticks, which are about he size of a piece of chewing gum.. It’s been really impressive sofar, and can record really long movies, and anim-gifs.. It even lets you edit the movies on the camera before you put them on disk. @_@ Yay!! Havent had much other than the rats to take photos of yet though..

Owen’s rat seems much healthier now, his fur is silkier and hes not as snuffly.. he even got into a fight with fu, so he cant be that bad. 🙂

I’d post a demo shot but it’d be too big unless i resized it, and that would kinda be pointless.. Soo.. Here’s fu.. hehe.. omnyomnyom..