Hmm, odd health problems type update.. It’s not all that fun and a bit icky, so click if you want to read more.

Last night went to Black sheep, had a good time, talked lots to people i’d either not met before or hadnt spoken to in an age.. My fingernails glow slightly under UV light. I find this weird and wonder if I’m anaemic again. I guess it’s a few months since I had my last hospital bloodtests. :/

And the night before, after going to see Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (which was good by the way) my system decided to eject a large quantity of inexplicable green stuff. Which wasnt fun.. I used to get this quite a bit, often marking the end of a bad period.. but never that.. green! 😐 So that was weird. And not good. If I am anaemic though it would probably explain the low enegy levels. My ability to get work done isnt really improving any as time passes, and although its mostly in my head, the whole fatiguey thing is getting to me.

Oh well. I’d better goo.. possibly sleep, though i just seemed to wake up a lot.