Hee. I’m awake! It’s morning..

I’m in a weird good mood. I think I will do a MUCH overdue webpage update, and a load of college work!


Finished watching B5.. wooo.. best thing ever.. And now watching Twin Peaks.. Woo, best thing ever.

What’s been happening anyway.. Hmm.. I quit doing the comic.. no more of CMO like that at least. I might do a final page that just.. ends it.. might not too.

Hmm, bad thing that’s happened though, Kat’s grandad died.. :/ which isnt good.. but he was /dying/.. I imagine being dead is a lot more fun than dying. I’ve never been either so can’t really comment. Got the funeral next week, which’ll be odd, as I havent met the people who are going to be there.. But I should be there and Im interested in meeting everyone anyway.

Better go finish some stuff off now too. ^^