About time I got round to fixing various part of the web-page.. so that’s what I did..

I added my first 2-3 days work in Moho to my folio, in the animation section.

Cute huh? see the full animation here.. I’m currently tweaking my portfolio in preparation for the xmas work rush I’m planning. (if I feel well) need to convince myself I CAN work and, well, just do the damn stuff..

Kat played Cello to Manowar songs. It was cool. Shes house-sitting at the moment.. She did the voice-over for the silly animation too, hehe. Anyway, shes not as rusty as she thinks, some of it was really good. 😛

A bit ago I made the loading music for my comic’s spin-off animation thing.. it sounds.. ok.. I think.. a bit weird but it kinda grew on me.. It doesnt have a melody as such though, could really do with putting a *tune* over the top.. (altho that might get annoying for loading music, i dunno)

Anyway.. Back to work/sleep/wherever i end up. Hey, and do people like the new flash bit on the start of the page? Yay saving web-space. ^^

PS: No, I’m not ‘bouncy!’ 😉