Kat used some incense that smells like smoky bacon flavour crisps. 🙂

Yesterday had to take fu to the vet because he had a big swelling on one side of his face near where he’d scratched it.. it was an abscess and the vet shaved one side of his face, spiked it, then knifed it then squirted weird brown liquid into it.. Everything considered he behaved very well.. was quite messy and painful looking but he seemed to know it was for the best..

I have Pikmin, and cute it is.. havent really played it much yet though.

Geeky as it is, I finally worked out what i was doing wrong and have X11 and fink running on my mac now.. So all those good ol unix apps now run perfectly, which is a joy to behold. 🙂 Windoze cant come close to this, heh.. I can basically run unix, osX and os9 apps alongside each other transparently now. ^@_@^ woop. Now if only i could run amiga ones toooo.. (semi joking)

I hope fu’s ok anyway, she said it might be tooth related and he might have to have one removed under anesthetic.. Not good.. Lets hope its not that bad! I need to make sure I clip his nails more frequently though, maybe once a week.

AAaaaannyway, stuff.