Aha! LJ actually let me log in!!

Kat’s at her parents’.. I’ve just woken up and decided to do some webstuff.. Kat has fake dreads now.. I dont have a photo of that..

I do have a photo of her in some other fake hair though. Looks a lot like this:

Cuuuteness. 🙂

Seems we may be buying a house sooner than I thought. Which is scary but cool. will start looking (online) today.. Which should be fun. What ellse. oh, Fu’s face has healed completely now.. Need to clean out their cage today though.

I havent been feeling very well the last couple of days, but am alright.. Been trying to finish FFx.. It’s not that it’s difficult, if anything it’s too easy, but still it never seems to end, lol. 🙂 FFVII kicks it’s ass anyway.

I uploaded a couple of really late really lame pages of comic a couple of days ago.. And am working on the *final* three pages of CMO (book 1).. So then I can move onto some better, less improvised web-comic stuff.. (it’s been good practice!)

I’ve been writing more Insignia Of Terror too… The novel-ish version of that will be finished one day. 🙂 So will all my college work, even if it does take longer than its supposed to.