Sorely tempted to buy another domain.. Not on a long term basis.. on a month or two basis then more if it takes off.. We’ll see..

Unrelated news.. There’s a picture in MixelMagic’s public gallery with the filename ‘canibal.jpg’ At least 100 people have ended up looking at the photo via Image searches for the word ‘canibal’ on google (or excite, etc).

This is the picture they are greeted with:

I find this strangely amusing.

There is a story behind the sheep though.. We were out walking in umm.. scotland or wales or somewhere like that, with hills and stuff.. sat on a wall by a car park.. and a field of sheep. Someone leaves a sandwich half wrapped, on the wall for a moment.. and while we arent really paying much attention a sheep walks along the wall and steals and proceeds to eat the sandwich.

It was a lamb sandwich.

Hence the filename. Hopefully it didnt get ‘mad sheep disease’ then get ground into pieces and fed to cows. The comment in the photo gallery is labelled ‘satan sheep’ – at least 100 more people have ended up there by having ‘sheep’ and ‘satan’ in a search field.. Makes you wonder really..