Ripped from freeola news:

“The internal design of the third Sony console is set to make a splash at this week’s Games Developer Conference.

The Cell, the basis of the PlayStation 3’s architecture, will apparently piggy-back 72 processers on top of one another which, using a cell microprocessor to co-ordinate the power, will produce the same processing capabilities as one hundred PCs.

There are still technical hurdles to overcome, but Sony, Toshiba and International Business Machines Corp. are confident they can make the necessary breakthroughs to start production on the chips.”


But.. These are some of the most consistent spec rumours i’ve seen for an in development console.. for ages they’ve been going on about how it was going to have CPUs in the double digits.. but if this IS true (and i guess there’s a lot of stuff about it on the net).. How comically AWFUL is the X-box 2 going to look in comparison. 😀

*please* be true. I want to see X-box go the way of the dreamcast (but minus the cult following).. Because.. well.. MS suck. 🙂 And the x-box is the only console with controllers designed for people with giant hands with extra fingers.