A couple of interesting things going on in film-land..

http://www.creature-corner.com/news3/mar18vanhelsing.php3- Van Helsing? Looks a bit like umm.. Vampire hunter D.. lol.. pretty cool though. Albeit dumb sounding. $160m.. Yowie.

And err.. Rob Zombie’s House of 100 corpses looks a bit lame.. And so does House Of The Dead, but I’d have to see them before i can tell, hehe. Yay for zombie films.

And they’re making not one, but two more ginger snaps.. Waah?

And another Cube film.. And they’re definitly plannning a 5th Alien film, and sigourney weaver and Ridley Scott have been talking about it.. RIDLEY SCOTT!! How much that would rule. That would rule a lot. A hell of a lot.

And the league of extraordinary gentlemen looks fun however little it looks like the comic.. blah.