okie.. i tried to print.. it froze on me. Not good. I think i might’ve gone OTT with the resolution.. but STILL.

Scooby Doo is on Boomerang. It’s supposed to be the moomins. Moonin rules. Scooby Doo on the other hand is of the few things that actually makes me want to kill, or otherwise harm dogs. I like dogs.

Final Fantasy TSW is on too, so I watch that. it grows on me after repeated viewings. 🙂

I wonder if they really ARE making a silent hill film. Silent hill is the niftiest survival horror (if it could be called that) series evar in my opinion.. I wonder if the film would be any good.. it would have to be v STRANGE, or deviate completely from the mood and principle concepts. Or you wouldnt be able to see anything, lol. That might be cool.. And.. Err.. horrid static radio? hell yeah, they should do a blair witch on it’s ass and have someone first person perspective filming it on a crappo camera.. hoo yes. that would be nice.

Why so many game to film conversions? weird. seem to be more Game to films than Film to Games.. thats the tables turned I guess, the games indutry makes a hell of a lot more than the film industry. 🙂 And I still wouldnt say it’s mainstream. Strange but trruuuee..