Hmm, I have a netmeeting compatible app for osX

And it works! well it did.. need confirmation of all its features really. Anyone up for a netmeeting bug-test thing?

What else.. Oh yeah..

Kat and I watched Creepozoids. 1987.. Possibly the worst film i’ve seen.. Probably.. I cant make my mind up whether it was so bad it was good, or whether it was just so bad it was.. really bad.

Damn it was BAD. set in the late 1990s after a nuclear holocaust. (eh?) some AWOL military officers hide from the acid rain in a mysterious building. There are a lot of corridors. Also random seeming REALLY badly done alien wandering around (sub Dr-Who level of costume here).. And giant rats.. And a deadly virus that stops you from having to eat.. and if you DO eat you kind of melt a bit, painfully. It had so many scenes ripped directly from Alien/Aliens but done really badly and without the aliens. Replace the face-hugger with a one piece furry puppet rat for example.

The film had more flaws than things that weren’t flaws! The main bad guy aliens.. The creepozoids.. As far as I can tell, only killed two people (possibly even only one, its a bit.. hazy) in the film. the giant rat puppets almost did more harm, especially when you consider one of the people they bit became a very angry zombie shortly afterward FOR NO REASON! and was obviously subsequently killed. The creepozoid seemed more concerned about abducting the characters and putting them in a chair-like hole in his ‘nest’.. (This happened at least 4 times!)

another notable badness was the ventilation shaft. They had to crawl down it at leastt 8 times but they obviously couldn’t afford more than two sides of it.. It was blatantly just a guy crawling along the corner of a metal looking room, as the camera never looked up even slightly to see the absence of ceiling. >.< I still have no idea what the alien was about.. they postulated that it might once have been human. *shrugs* then the guy killed it, after a really drawn out fight.. then it had an evil human baby.. he killed that.. sort of.. after it attacked him a lot.. And.. Why?! brilliant 80s synth music.. builds.. suspense.. as... awful.. rubber.. monster... slowly.. approaches.. the guy who we really dont care if he dies because then the film might at least end quicker. 10/10 without a doubt. "THRILL - As ultra slime makes it's first ever appearance!" (ultra slime? = muddy water as far as i can tell) BOGGLE - At the special effects. (how can they be this bad?!)