Thought I should post this here too..

I’m setting up (or starting to set up!) a webpage ‘portal’ for gothic and/or geeky stuff.. Odd combination maybe, yeah.. 🙂

Anyway, there’s going to be sections for a combination of reviews, columns and original creative and factual material. And I’m looking for people to moderate the respective sections.. (html skills might be necessary, not 100% sure at this point..!)

Sections of the site will(or may in some cases) include;
webcam portal
links database
software reviews/stuff
Hardware/gadget reviews
fashion? (haha!) probably mostly page reviews.
IRC chat (Dalnet – #gothicgeek
community board (probably the alcove! its too nice not to use)
Any other crap people can think of really, it’s still in progress..

The point being, this isnt a job for one person.. this is the biggest single non-personal project i’ve ever attempted after LEEDSukS (biggest flop ever due to my complete inability to promote stuff) Basically.. I need people I can give access to the different sections so they can do it themselves… As I dont know a lot about a lot of things,, wheras a lot of other people do.

this is too longwinded.. hard to get the point across and even more difficult to explain what this thing is actually going to BE.. lol.. I’ll give a link when its a bit more useful..

how am I? im feeling a bit uuugh really.. trying to keep my mind off of stuff a bit by doing what I normally do.. go on a web creation rampage.. oh well. 🙂