I’ve been messing around on MAME recently and found a real gem. A game that makes (Genesis) Zero Wing look like Shakespeare.. A game that’s soul redeeming feature isn’t that it has bad dialog.. A game that has AWFUL engrish dialog AND kicks serious ass. Oh yes. Yes indeed. Here are the game’s funnies. I had to record them. I missed a couple too, but got the best ones.

NOTE: This is a sort of a SPOILER.. If you were planning on playing this 1998 Neo Geo arcade machine sometime soon and dont want to know about its complex multi-layered plot.

Hello.. And welcome to..

I choose.. Dino 246! For it’s immense “difensiv” power.

I think they probably mean.. Grand SCALE. given that there are no shells, let alone giant ones. Maybe they mean something entirely different. 🙂

I just picked up a bonus. It always says that. I CAN’T. IVE ALREADY GOT IT.


Not so bad I suppose.

Who did? Me? It? WTF?

*puts down cup of tea*

It says that one in 3 times you die. You die a lot. I’m not that bad. 😛

This makes no sense. Those explosions coming out of it? IT’S DEAD! I killed it. It gave me that message.. Then it proceeded to the next level as per usual..? Maybe i miss out on a bonus or something.. BYE BYE! *blows up*

This happens every time you collect a panel. regardless of how many panels there is left to collect. That green thing with a ‘U’ on it floating in the middle is one anyway.

It says this one in three times you die too. The other thing it says is “WAKING UP?”

A worthwhile tactic.

These particular guardians live in a Criff-face. 1998.. There’s no excuse for this, lol.. i love this game. 🙂

Wasn’t me!! Eek! The noise.. sounds formidable!

Truly wicked in the sense that it’s completely linear and virtually a straight line.

Hint: It’s a spaceship.

The what?

Maybe you could get surgery?

Pro-choice argument right there.

First it flies, then it grows guns, then it changes into this.. And I can avoid this gunfire HOW?

The space baby had babies. They eat spaceships.

Phew.. That clears that up then.

And there we have it. One of the best shooters ive ever played and the funniest. 🙂

(revenge for all the people’s big pictures that have mussed up my friends view, wahahaa)