weird weird weirdest dream ive had in a long time.. slightly wine induced probably..

anyway.. I woke up, went downstairs, tom shouted to feed meg.. i almost fell over stuff on the stairs.. two new shiney metal dog bowls and a couple of cans of dog food.. they were balanced on a big open pot of blood-red gloss paint.. fair enough.. figured tom had been painting..

then i put the bowls in the kitchen and fill one with food.. seems like dog food.. that sorfta weird spam texture etc.. then in the second tin to put in the other bown (i dont know why two bowls, they were big but the food section in each was tiny) the food came out and looked like a sort of jowly dog’s face.. then ‘meg’ came in to eat this stuff.. fair enoug i thought.. it didnt look anything like meg, some generic dog of dreams i guess. was kinda grey-brown and spotty with floppy ears.. about 50% bigger than meg too..

ook, then i think i should come up and feed the rats.. so i open the top of the cage.. lestat climbs up.. and yawns.. his tongue is big like a dog’s, and hangs out one side of his mouth, he has lots of little dog-like sharp teeth and the 4 huge ones at the front, and he has weird gums that he can kinda wriggle and look nasty, he’s foaming at the mouth.. I think ‘eek! Id better wake up kat1’ then i think ‘this probably isnt real- end dream’ and woke up for real.

well i hope i woke up for real coz i cant be bothered typing that out again..

On friday i got an email from my tutor at college (mike) helping me with some stuff, then on sat I decided to check my cel phone.. had two SMS messages from said mike, one from thursday telling me i should go to college, and one from friday asking me to make sure im at college. hope i havent missed anything important. my phone is usually on vibrate only mode and usually under my bed.

not very useful. I just registered some webcam software that doesnt crash every 2 secs. what fun.


should probably work.