Someone’s mention of wacom tablets reminded me of my plight. (woe is me)

If anyone, anywhere has ProCreate Painter Classic for the mac (the one that runs native on osX) could they please tell me? hehe.. In this house we’ve bought 2 wacom grapphires and one intuos 2 and STILL don’t have the good painter classic even though i should have it with the intuos really.. I have the old crap ver of painter that isnt osX friendly.. And doesnt have layers – apparently the new procreate version DOES have layers which makes it more useful to me than even Painter 7 would be.. it’s completely imposible to get other than getting a new tablet! You can buy the japanese version online.. but it’s in japanese, lol. Raah. we have over $500 of wacom but still dont get the right software.. WAaaa!

It comes on a dual format CD with the PC version, and is in the newish “Wacom Home Photo Studio Collection 2” bundle..