Over a month ago I ordered an ADC to VGA monitor cable adaptor from www.Dabs.com.

A month later they sent me an email saying the payment was rejected by the credit card veryfier.. and to add another credit card to their database.. So I did. after that it STILL said awaiting stock..

I cancelled the order and ordered it from apple store instead. took two working days. Someone wont be using dabs much anymore, hehe.

Well now i feel geeky. two monitors.. one of them has windows running on it (emulated) the other osX.. itunes playing in the background.. (manowar) dreamweaver, email, ftp, occasional random fractal background generation (different pics for each monitor), photoshop, Explorer and safari all at once.. and everything going v smoothly. everything’s been behaving so well recently (apart from the network, but thats not my prob) wahah. 640mb ram.. 100gb HD.. WahahahAHAHAAHAhh. The PoWeR!!!

I might post photos. hehe.

Anyway.. we still look likely to be getting that house, but are waiting news.. and.. ive been kinda ill in an ow insides sense.. all round though things are ok..