I don’t appear on any IM proggies other than AIM anymore.. Very occasionally I’m available on Yahoo or MSN.. but only to do specific things which very rarely occur..

The most reliable way to message me is in the #gothicgeek IRC channel on DalNet.. (there’s instructions how to get there on http://www.gothicgeek.org if you need them) If im not in there at a particular time it probably means im not available.

This isnt because I don’t want to talk to anyone, its because I get a lot of messages from people and between the lot of you i get even less than i would get done, done.. which isnt all that much in the first place.

This isn’t saying don’t message me either, please DO, it’s just dont be surprised if im not always the world’s most talkative person.. I have various assignments, college, personal and otherwise, which should take priority is all..

things to do list this week:

Get at least one college breif finished.
GO TO HOSPITAL stupid bitchass never getting bloodtests when i should be getting them every 2 weeks dumbass (me)
Get wedding outfit 100% sorted out (not that easy! have 3 completely different possibilities, need to talk to tailer guy)
Do more Gothicgeek
Do more Lexima-stuff..
Make a start on Green Machine..

This list makes no sense to you i realise, its just for myself.

The green machine guy was very thankful for the 2 payments and is sending me.. 2 copies.. in the same package.. so one set of postage.. awww. nice guy. but quite funny as I don’t exactly have a surplus of friends with osX running macs to give it to.. err.. Kat? Well, yeah but she could’ve used mine.. Umm.. Mike? (my tutor) I don’t.. think.. he’s want to make a metal slug clone, lol.

on the 25th kat and i are going to visit my aunt.. and meet my cousin, and her boyfriend and new daughter for the first time. Babies are cool, but.. weird.. Between Creepozoids and Blazing Star I’m going off them slightly.

Phenomena by Dario Argento kicks ass.. It had a very cool monkey, the girl from labyrinth (haha) and a hell of a lot of gore, and a bee on a string.. I haven’t seen enough of his films.. though from the interview on the disc he seems like he’s compleeetly unhinged. Which is cool.