I just bought another year of paid LJ account. Don’t ask me why as i was probably going to use a blog instead.. but.. bah. only had 3 days left and decided to support them anyway.. might as well keep it.

The Green Machine arrived..

I’m visiting my cousin Joanne and her boyfriend Pravin and their baby Amaya today.. I’ve never met Pravin or Amaya, so this should be fun.. Have got her a little sheep/chew toy hybid thing with crinkly ears..

Kat has ordered me some of these:

Thankyou kat *hugs* 🙂 So I can wear my new coat without dragging.. it’s a lovely coat.. needs a couple of tiny modifications but its a goood thing. Will post photos of that too when it actually fits. 🙂

hmm, i dunno what the chances are of being able to dance in these boots. fall over, yeah.. dance.. hmmmm..

College begins again on monday. That’ll be fun. 🙂