Yesterday was fun.

Went with kat’s parents to Allders to confirm wedding list stuff and for me to look at some techy things..

And the THANKYOU bigtime for the huge TV and the dvd-thingimajig..

For illustrative purposes:

Fear the glowing control..! and the fact it has a bleep option on the tv so the remote control makes noises so you can actually FIND it. lol and the DVD drive doesnt have a tray, it just spits the disc out the front (a bit like some of the old CRT iMacs – probably cleans the disc at the same time too) digital noise reduction.. Mwahaha!!!! I’m trying to work out in my head how the wiring’s going to work..

Yay that’ll be fun anyway.. Thanks again.. Assuming you read this anyway. 🙂 not that i really write in it much.

Other notes:

Went to see The Sisters Of Mercy last night, which was cool.. Their support band were good too.. but TSOM were hidden completely by smoke-machine.. it was just like The Fog but with less zombie pirates. It was a good gig indeed.. good acoustics at the Blank Canvas too.. About the only good thing i can see that they’ve done since they’ve trendified the dark arches and made them all shiny (and crap).

Umm.. can’t think what else to write about now. 🙂 This is turning into a ‘thungs that have been bought for/by us journal’.. That’s not good.